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Reading that teaches character traits

Alexander B. supports most homeschooling curriculum and keeps in line with the heart mission of homeschooling parents. Homeschooled early readers will have great content for discussion groups or solo reading assignments.
Alexander B. is a series of books that build off of each other. Providing repetition and exposure to words and syllables for the early reader to master, Alexander B. takes children in a journey as well as bring back the popularity of doing right vs the negative lessons society is teaching.
Alexander B. is a great addition to any Biblical based program as it supports wholesome training using the stories of Alexander B. in situations children find themselves in daily.


Make Alexander B. Your #1 Choice for Early Reader Books

Alexander B Books

Today’s children are bombarded with exposure to negative influences and wrong behavior traits. Reading stories that share the correct way to engage with others leaves a memorable impression and lifelong lessons. Alexander B. provides engaging age appropriate and relevant stories that teach early readers how to make better decisions and positive behavior patterns. Try Alexander B.s bookline today to see how they can positively influence your early reader in an educational way. 




Love for Others






Telling the Truth

School etiquette

Making Decisions

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My name is Elitteon but my friends call me Ellie. I was born legally blind in a small southern town in America. My parents taught me to follow my dreams and writing about Alexander B was the dream and blessing God gave me to make my readers happy while learning about life’s lessons and fun-filled journeys.

I love writing about my little friend Alexander and I hope he makes you smile as he goes from one fun-filled adventure to another. Alexander B’s stories are great tools to teach today’s youth about important character traits and how to make good decisions. Alexander B makes being a good person in style again.

It is such a blessing to write about Alex and as a kid I would play in my sleep if I could so, welcome to my world of imagination and fun.


Love Ellie!

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