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A Bad Virus Closed My School




My name is Elitteon, my friends call me Ellie because it’s easier to remember. I was born with very bad vision but I had a big imagination and I could always make up and write stories since I was a little girl. Writing about Alex makes me very happy and the silly and really adventures he gets into makes even me smile.

Title: A Bad Virus Closed My School

Spring break from school was only two weeks away but it seemed like forever because Alex wanted to play drone flyer games with his friends every day during spring break. Alex had one more class to go before the Friday bell would ring and the Principal would get on the loud speaker and say, “Have a good weekend.” His teacher said something about a virus that was closing school so everyone could stay home and be safe. Alex paid no attention to what his teacher said about the virus because all he heard was, spring break starts today.



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