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Alexander and The Bully




My name is Elitteon, my friends call me Ellie. I was born legally blind in a small southern town in America. My parents taught me to follow my dreams and writing about Alexander B was the dream and blessing God gave me to make my readers happy while learning about life’s lessons and fun filled journeys.

Story #1  Alexander and The Bully

Alex was so scared of his school bully that he even prayed to God for help. Although Alex was terrified he got dressed and went to school knowing the bully was waiting to beat him up. He made it through his day without one bloody nose and Alex was rescued by someone he didn’t even think would notice him.

Story #2  Alexander Goes to Church

Alex gets a new video game but his little sister always bothered him when he tried to play it. On Sunday when it was time for church, Alex faked being sick so that he could play his video game with little Sarah bugging him. Alex learned that when you lie the guilt is worse than facing the truth. 

Story #3  Alexander You Are Old enough to Know Better

Poor Alex was always in trouble with his parents and if he heard Alexander you are old enough to know better one more time, he was really going to scream. Alex learns to be responsible and actually learns that he really is old enough to know better.


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