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Alexander B Misadventure




My name is Elitteon but my friends call me Ellie. I love writing about my little friend Alexander and I hope he makes you smile as he goes from one fun filled adventure to another. It is such a blessing to write about Alex and as a kid I would play in my sleep if I could so, welcome to my world of imagination and fun.

Story #1  Alex Run Alex

Alexander is going to be in the big relay race for his school, so he didn’t do his chores to allow himself more time to practice for the big Relay Race. Alex was so focused on winning that he didn’t think of the trouble he would be in when his parents figured out that he was not being responsible and neglecting his dog Pepper.

Story #2  Alex Be Home Before Dark

Alexander is so thrilled it’s the last day of school and summer vacation starts as soon as he gets off the school bus. No homework means that Alex could play with his friends for hours. Alex’s mom told him “Just make sure you are home before dark.” Alex was trying to cram as much fun in as he could and be home by six o’clock. 


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