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Alex’s Big Life Events




My name is Elitteon my friends call me Ellie. I have always had a good imagination and writing about my friend Alex is a joy for me. Alex stumbles into adventures to keep you laughing and smiling throughout this entire book.  

Story #1  Wash Your Hands and Use Soap

Although Alexander was told often how important is was to wash his hands with soap and warm water, he often didn’t do it. One day because Alex didn’t wash his hands the way he was supposed to he got a virus. He felt so sick he promised his mom from then on he would always wash his hands with soap and warm water.

Story #2  James’ Grandpa Got His Wings

Alex had heard about people who got their wings before but never had he come close to seeing people in tears because someone got their wings. Alex learned that even when people get wings and go to heaven to be with God, their family missed them so much that they were happy and sad at the same time.

Story #3 Grandma and Grandpa are Moving In

Sarah asked Alex why is grandma and grandpa, moving to our house. Alex being her big brother told Sarah they were too old to live alone. Alex knew he didn’t really know the answer to her question but he set out on a wonderful mental journey to solve the mystery of the grandparents being forced to live with him and Sarah.


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